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Our new, easy to use random password generator will help you create you your new, strong password meeting even the strongest GDPR requirements by a single click.

Choose the length of your new password, the kind of characters it should contain, and the number of random passwords you wish to generate.

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- A minor update of the Contacts page has been done. Above all, the Email field was removed for redundancy.

- The generator system has been optimized for higher load.

- The first version of the password generator in English has been launched.

Adding functions and correction of minor bugs

- Some minor and bigger bugs corrected. First of all, the Password Generator now correctly permits longer passwords (above 100 characters).

- In some cases ReCaptcha was wrongly generated to verify if the passwords are not being generated for a robot.

- The Password Generator has been migrated to a new web platform that will ensure a faster and more comfortable control of the system.

- Some minor graphic improvements have been added to make the program clearer.

- A feature has been added to distinguish the passwords. Passwords up to 39 characters are shown in a window one after another, comma separated. Passwords over 39 characters are shown separately, each on its own line.

- The application has been generally better optimized for use on mobile devices.

- Thanks to everybody for their email and Facebook feedback. I believe you will like the improvements. Anyway, if you miss a certain new function, another set of characters etc., do not hesitate to contact me through I will be pleased to modify the system to meet your needs even better.

Additional info

Special symbols 1: @*-#~°+ Special symbols that can be processed in passwords by most of up-to-date systems.

Special symbols 2: °;~`+!#$%^&*()=_-ˇ´/{[}]'¨|":!§?,<.>/* A special set of characters that will make the password almost unbreakable. !!! WARNING Not all systems might be able to process these symbols. We recommend to test them on the site before applying the password as definitive.

Warning: some online services may be unable to accept passwords containing the special characters, namely the set No. 2.

Further information on passwords:

The easiest way: Wikipedia – Password

Limitations of the password generator:

The password generator system is features certain limitations in order to avoid intentional server overload. I believe this will represent no restriction for an ordinary visitor.

- Limited number of passwords generated within a certain time span.

- Limited length of one password to 150 characters.

- Limited number of passwords generated in one step to 25.

- Max. possible password length can be reached only by combining at least 3 kinds of characters.

The author of this Password Generator does not and cannot bear any responsibility for the use of the passwords, forgetting them etc. The passwords are neither being stored nor uploaded anywhere! So it is not possible to re-generate them, send them etc. You are using the Password Generator ( solely at your own risk.

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